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Panchita'sPlace History 

Second daughter of a family of seven girls, Panchita was raised by the matriarch of the family, her mother Chanita. Growing up in a small village in Mexico, Panchita was taught to cook simple yet traditional meals where she excelled and delighted many with her delicious flavors.

Later, as she became a matriarch of her own family, she migrated with her Husband Beto, to the United States where all her children grew up. She began experimenting and combining traditional Mexican meals with her new surroundings and flavors of so many different cultures. Her husband Beto always encourage her to create and teach her children the love of food.

Together they  inspired all their children to work hard and dream big, keeping our traditions and history with the ability to adapt and create new flavors in our kitchens. 

 Now her children pay tribute and honor their teachings of great simple mexican flavors with the gift of adaptation.

Inspired by her great food and culinary history, we have created this menu with the help of our Chef Jose Zosayas to honor our Mexican tradition and combine two worlds.

Welcome to Panchita' Place, where great food and comfort is always on the menu. Serving our culinary history one bite at a time.

Chef Jose Zosayas

Jose Zosayas Lopez was born & raised in Mexico. As the youngest child of three men born to a strong widowed mother, he was taught to cook at a young age where he learned the power of food, taste and flavors. 

Jose migrated to the United States at the age of twenty where he began working as a dishwasher. He soon discovered his passion for cooking and began his culinary career. Jose is self-taught and has worked with many chefs for fast food chain restaurants and studying all he could to improve his abilities. He was soon promoted to head Chef and manager of a busy financial district restaurant, where his talent and experience grew. 

He finally opened his first restaurant in Brooklyn named El Paso Mexican Grill. Soon after the great success of El Paso he was able to open a second location, and now his carrier has lead him to this new adventure.

Chef Zosayas, along with his wife's family, has created a wonderful menu inspired by the matriarchs of the family. his mother and mother-in-law. Welcome to Panchita's Place, where traditional Mexican flavor meets modern Mexican flavor. We sincerely hope you enjoy our food as much as he enjoys creating it. 

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